About Us

Our Story

At Trivedi Wine, we love wine. But, even more than that, we love people. We regard the enjoyment of wine as a way to bring people together and create a community.

Throughout our first year of existence, we have experienced the love of the community we have built our winery in. From the 35 people that showed up on a wet weekend in May 2019 to plant our first grapevines in the mud to the 80 people that came to support us on the opening weekend of our tasting room in December 2019, we have been overwhelmed by the community support.

At Trivedi Wine, we strive to continue building and growing this strong and supportive community. Producing the best tasting wines is our means to that goal. Please visit our winery and experience this community for yourself.

Our Land

Situated on the Scenic River Road off Farmer's Turnpike in Northern Douglas county and just about  a mile northwest of the city of Lawrence, we are surrounded by hundreds of acres of farmland that grows hay, corn, soybean, wheat, pumpkins, and melons. We contributed to this variety in May 2019 by planting a half acre vineyard, and a half acre orchard.

There are also cattle, horses, goats, donkeys, chickens, and other animals on surrounding farms.

The historic Taylor stone barn is right across the street from us and the Lakeview fishing and hunting club with the cabins surrounding the oxbow lake is only half mile north of our winery. 

The Scenic River Road is also the favorite of area bicyclists and if you came visited us, you will see why.

We are proud to be located in this farming community with its myriad recreation opportunities.

Our Wines

This section is called "our wines." We believe the "our" refers to "you" the visitor and us at "the winery." All of us together make these wines a reality. Crafting high quality wines is only worth it when others enjoy drinking them. Below are the wines we currently have to offer in our tasting room.

  • Pinot Gris: A dry white wine with notes of apples and pears and hints of honey on the palate, this wine pairs well with soft cheeses, and fresh or dried fruit.

  •  Farmer's Turnpike White: Made from Vignoles, the Kansas state white wine grape, this wine exudes notes of Passionfruit and tastes of melons. 

  • Sunset Rosé: Made from Steuben grapes, this is an exceptionally smooth Rosé with floral notes

  • Hawk's Perch: Produced from Marquette grapes, this dry red wine tastes of tart cherries. It is similar to a Chianti...perfect to drink with pizza, meatballs or spaghetti.

  • Farmer's Turnpike Red: Our smooth and fruity red, a crowd-pleaser.

  • Red-venture: For all the sweet red wine lovers out there, this is for you. Come and get it.